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Dear Marketing Professional,

You're about to discover the fastest way to ease your learning curve, cut down your workload and ramp up your business profits. . .

. . . If you've ever wanted to learn how to quickly develop your own profitable products, create your own stunning web graphics, build highly converting web sites, bring in more traffic than you can imagine and build a huge, highly responsive mailing list, then this is for you!

Are You Aware Of The Huge Problem In 'Internet Marketing'

I'm sure you already recognize this problem too... Basically, everywhere you turn you're hit by conflicting information - Everyone these days has something to pitch you and there are thousands of marketers all vying for your attention with their latest ebooks, ecourses and seminars...

If you're just starting out or struggling to bring in profits it's so easy to drown in a sea of misinformation coming at you from every angle.  And this is happening to online marketers everyday, the sad thing is this is killing new businesses in the thousands . . .

Let me ask you this - How many ebooks, free courses, special reports, etc. have you downloaded that are simply gathering digital dust on your hard-drive? 

If you're anything like a typical online marketer it's probably dozens!

But my real question is. . .  How many of them have you actually read from cover to cover, and in reality how many of them have given you good information that you were able to profit from?

9 out of 10 times the answer I hear is a big fat ZERO!

Most of the time these products are just sales letters in disguise - they're trying to sell you something else....  at best reading them can be like trying to wade through quicksand.  But shockingly the real problem is that half of the 'authors' of these products have no clue how to really help people (and in some cases they don't care)

So what's the solution? 

You already know that in order for your business to succeed you have to learn. 

A source of easy to implement ideas and quality information can propel your business (and profits) forward - but you've already proven to yourself that all these ebooks / reports don't work like they should.

A great learning aid is to use audio and video - because information provided in this way is much easier to digest, it can certainly reduce the amount of time you need to spend studying.  But again there are problems -

Back in the day most of the established and successful marketers learned they could triple their profits by offering you good information in audio and video format rather than in ebooks. 

Now there's no harm in that, it makes good business sense, but unless you have a few hundred dollars to splash out each month to listen in or watch what they're up to your still lost.

Frustrating isn't it?

Well it doesn't have to be because at we've put together the perfect video and audio training solution for you. 

In less than 5 minutes you'll have access to a entire  arsenal of marketing videos and audio training courses (we currently offer more than 200 ). 

You can log in at anytime it suits you, click a button and get all the information you need to build your online business like the professionals.

And unlike our competitors there are no monthly or recurring billings - Nor will we charge you the earth to join us.

You'll get a lifetime membership, completely free updates, new products, tools and resources on a regular basis for a one time fee - (this is less than the cost of most single audio or video courses! )


Here's a quick look at just some of the 'must see' tutorials you'll access in the next couple of minutes:

Member's Video Section:

  A 6 Part Traffic Generation Master Course.
  A Comprehensive 18 Part List Building Master Course.
  More Than 50 Videos In A Web Design Master Class.
  11 Videos On Creating Highly Profitable 'Mini Sites'
  In-Depth Graphics / Design Course (11 Videos)
  8 Videos Showing How To Use Audio Successfully.
  A Complete 30 Part PDF/Publishing Video Series
  14 Short Videos That Reveal How To Increase Website Response
  A 9 Part RSS Course That Teaches All You Need To Know.
  Research Secrets Master Videos (5 Part Course)
  A Complete Software Creation Master Course (8 Part Course)
  11 Videos Revealing Ways To Profit With Adsense.
  Creating your first Ebooks (5 Individual Videos).
  How To Get More Traffic To Your Blogs (In-Depth 12 Part Course)
  10 Great Videos On How To Maximize Your Adsense Commissions.

And here's just a few snippets of what you'll discover in these videos:

  A 100% free tactic that works like gangbusters to get you a LOT of traffic quickly - AND - for months, even years to come!

  The real insider "trick" to get more search engine traffic than you could ever want.

  A marketing tactic which you may already know about - BUT - we'll show you how to get set up with it for free and how you can turn it into a traffic-generating powerhouse.

  One of the most overlooked tactics online, and three ways you can quickly and easily apply it to significantly grow your traffic and profits.

  A little known traffic generation tactic that can turn just twenty minutes of your time into an endless flood of visitors.

Member's Audio Tutorials:  (Listen online or download the MP3's to your iPod)

  Rare Bookseller Profits Course (3 Hours+ Bonuses - Valuable Info)
  Super Affiliate Secrets
(11 Part Mega Course - Awesome Training)
  Audio Niche Automator  (A complete audio training course 1hr 48 minutes)

Special Member 'Ready To Sell' Downloads:

  Internet Marketing Video Vault  (Includes Resell Rights Worth $97.00)
  Internet TV Station Video Tutorial
 (Includes Resell Rights Worth $197.00)
  Audio Niche Automator
 (Includes Resell Rights Worth $197.00)
  Instant Audio Creator 
 (Includes Resell Rights Worth $97.00)
  Instant Audio Streamer
 (Includes Resell Rights Worth $97.00)

Member's Recommended Resources:

  3+ Full pages of useful tools, links and services to power up your business - You'll find SEO resources, page checkers, script depositories, legal info and much more . . .

  Just Added... Need content?

Give your website visitors quality content to keep them coming back and save yourself tons of time by not having to write your own.


SavingYourTime members can simply add some code to their sites and a stream of syndicated articles will be automatically updated on your website by us.



This highly flexible system allows you to:

  Display Recent Article Headlines
  Display Most Recent Article
  Display Random Articles
  Display Keyword Specific Articles

And Much, Much More . . .


If you're suffering from information overload or if you're trying to juggle work, family and online commitments all to no avail then we can help you. 

We can guarantee to cut your learning curve, reduce your workload which in turn can increase your profit potential from the moment you sign up.


These fluff free, straight to the point tutorials will enable you to drive your business forward FAST! 


Whenever you need to learn about something new your online university is here ready and waiting to give you the information you need in an instant.

Time is your most valuable resource when you're building a business and it can be like watching water running through your fingers. And each day potential opportunity is slipping away.


What you need is a 'all in one' solution that can help you achieve your goals quickly and easily.

At, you will not only be saving your time while you learn, but you'll be saving your money, too...

Memberships to all of these services above the videos, the audios, the additional resources cost just $47.00

That's a tiny price to pay for information that could earn your hundreds or thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in profit... and save you hours and hours of your time.

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To Your Success!


Mike Adams
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P.S.  Remember you get the chance to lock in at this low, one off, lifetime membership fee. (No recurring monthly fees.) You get full access to all the courses, every new course we add and you get to decide which subjects to access first, and when and how you want to learn -

P.P.S.  Once you become a member you will also get the opportunity to take part in a potentially huge and exclusive income building program - Only available to members.

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